This is Milo, my fish.
In October Milo considered how its aquarium (my website's homepage) looked a little like a window display, and thought it conceptually interesting to make use of this idea. I thought this was a brilliant idea and was very proud of my Milo fish.
So, now and then Milo and I (democratically) pick something to display in the aquarium.

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Juno is a set and object designer / artist / maker.
More or less.

Dutch/English, based in Amsterdam, NL.

Juno prefers to work with and from found, pre-used material.
In his work he embraces and explores
the ordinary and the strange;
the simple and the complex;
the efficient and the dis-functional.

Feel free to reach out!
Jobs, commissions, opinions, contextless and contextful chats.




Design Academy Eindhoven - (BA leisure) [nl] grad. 2022
HDK Steneby - (exchange: BA metal art) [se]
Studio Anton Alvarez - (internship) [se]

North Sea Jazz / WOTH Gallery 2023 [nl]
Art Island Amsterdam 2023 [nl]
Nieuwe Instituut Design Fair 2023 [nl]
OBJECT Rotterdam 2023 [nl]
Talent Pool - The Pool Eindhoven 2022 [nl]
DAE Graduation Show - Dutch Design Week 2022 [nl]
BA expo - Not Quite Fengersfors 2019 [se]
Dings - Nya Magasinet Dals Langed 2019 [se]
TV Buddha - De Fabriek 2018 [nl]

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Project Picture LIBRARY LAMP
Project Picture BRILLIANT SUN
Project Picture SMALL TUNNEL 60
Project Picture TUBE LAMP TUBE 150
Project Picture LIGHT BEAM 120
Project Picture SUNBED 60
unique - SOLD
Project Picture SUNBED 60 detail
Project Picture FAT FLAT 120
unique - SOLD
Project Picture CHANDELIER 120/60
unique - SOLD
Project Picture the tube scavenge


2021 - ongoing

Custom and reproducable Tube Lamps available. Please contact me for inquiries.

A series of lamps made from broken fluorescent tube lights (TLs). The series makes use of these objects, having lost their original function, as a material for new designs.

The old TLs are arranged and held together with laser-cut acrylic, aluminium or stainless steel frames. Together they form a clean yet warm translucent surface, illuminated by new LED tubes.

The lamps highlight the aesthetical qualities of TLs, reinstating value to this discarded material. The manufacturer’s logos are still visible, alluding to their industrial past.

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Project Picture
Project Picture
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Project Picture



Presented at Dutch Design Week 2022:
Graduation Show 2022

To demonstrate that there is value in inefficiency, I built a tiny match factory, in which I act as the only employee.

With this, I revisit the once flourishing match industry in Eindhoven, which coined it the light city (lichtstad) well before the Philips light bulb era.
Factory of Inefficiency subtly defies the current industrial focus on growth and efficacy.

It considers the merit of other values, like the pleasure of work, an appreciation for the imperfect, or the excitement of stumbling across the unexpected.

During Dutch Design Week 2022, the factory stood on the first floor of the old KPN telecom building. Here, visitors were free to come in and explore the interior of the factory. I, as employee, was of course often there; inefficiently at work. A lot of interesting conversations took place that week, with people sharing their opinions and experiences with inefficiency (and matches).
In those moments the factory found its true form and purpose.

photo: Ronald Smits
Design Academy Eindhoven

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Project Picture
Project Picture
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Project Picture



A series of benches.
Non-physical environmental elements as a design tool.

Mutliplex panels were treated with cyanotype chemicals that made the surfaces photosensitive.

With these treated panels I went out on a sunny day to catch architectural shadows.

Accidental compositions of light and dark. Sharp edges, unexpected angles, dancing leaves.

Exposing the panels for a few minutes, they captured these compositions.

Once rinsed with water, the panels loose their photosensitive property and the shadows become fixed.

Ephemeral details captured and frozen in the wood’s surface.

Project Picture
Project Picture
Project Picture
Project Picture



Material / process experimentation.

Plaster is cast in sewn canvas sacks.
While the plaster is liquid, the sacks can be placed, slumped, hung, propped up.
Creating creases, dimples, folds.

Once set, this soft form becomes rigid.

The textile is removed, revealing the almost identical surface of plaster, which has taken on the canvas texture.

Hard objects with soft character.

Project Picture
Project Picture
Project Picture
Project Picture
Project Picture



Two steel lamps wih legs. Playing with the anthropomorphic effect of legs on geometric shapes.

Made while on an exchange program at HDK Steneby - a small campus in rural Sweden part of the University of Gothenburg.

I joined the metal art department. Between pine forests, hills, lakes, folköl and saunas lies their huge, industrial workshop. Here I was free to roam, explore and experiment.

1980’s style weird pineapple and ham cream sauce with rice
saunas with windows
deer drunk on apples
moose stew
lingonberry cordial
cold mountain huts
mushroom picking
felled forests on trains
people skiing to work

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Project Picture
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Project Picture



Reacting to the privatisation of public space, I built a bike trailer that could fold out into a platform. This platform can be cycled to any public area, fold out, and act as a tool for claiming the surrounding space.
A platform for creativity: a stage, a table, a workbench.

Inspired by the 90s party-protests of Reclaim the Streets. Claiming space by being and doing.

The first event was Beach Chair Bonanza - a beach chair building workshop. Making chairs in public space with people. Together constructing these symbols of comfort a relaxation, then setting them out. Sitting together. Using that which belongs to the people of the city.